Delivery Information

We ship  all retail purchases with USPS.   

Bulk orders for schools, events or programs may ship by other methods.

We ship 3-day priority mail as much as possible.

Local pickup is available if you are in the area or have made arrangements to pick up at an event. 

BJJPandas will make every reasonable effort to ensure delivery deadlines are met and/ or communicate any delays in production or shipping within the control or knowledge of The Store. 

BJJPandas will make every reasonable good faith effort to deliver the product as described and on time, and to make right any errors or discrepancies.

BJJPandase is not responsible for lost sales or opportunity costs for errors in production or delivery.

Orders from BJJPandas will be processed in the most efficient manner as determined by type of product, material availability, on hand availability, size of order, and the order in which orders were received. 

All orders must be paid before delivery. 

Custom orders must be paid before customization work begins. 

Bulk orders for schools, events, or programs will be fulfilled under contract.

Any order that appears to be fraudulent will be cancelled with notification to the submitted email address.  

A No-Shipping coupon code is available, Use the Contact-Us link to arrange for pickups before placing order.